About Our Pre-Owned Vehicles

Gold Seal Warranty
Nor-Lan Chrysler guarantees a "Gold Seal Approved Used Vehicle" for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase or to a maximum of 2,000 km., whichever comes first. This covers the power train (engine, transmission, differential) with a $100.00 deductible. It also covers mechanical repairs, on a 50/50 basis, over $100.00. Mechanical repairs are related to the operation of the vehicle. Squeaks, rattles, fit finish and appearance of the vehicle are not under warranty.

Value Pricing
Here at Nor-Lan Chrysler we price all of our used vehicles at market value pricing. What this means is we price all of our vehicles so you get the best deal. We shop our local market and make sure we are better than our competition, giving you the best possible deal every time.

85-Point Safety Inspection

All of our vehicles that qualify for our Gold Seal Warranty have been put through a vigorous 85-point safety inspection by our highly qualified Journeyman Certified Technicians. A brief overview of our inspection is as follows:

  • Electronic System Inspection (includes battery, starter, electronics, engine and transmission analyzers, emission system, anti-theft system, passenger restraint systems)
  • Under the Hood (includes hood release and latch system, possible oil leaks, cooling system, radiator, oil level and condition, transmission, power steering, brake master cylinder, all fluid levels, A/C operation, air filter, belts and more)
  • Interior Inspection (check seat belts, instrument panel and lighting, heater modes and output, rear defrost, horn, signal switch, dimmer switch, power door lock system, key-less entry system, remote control mirrors, glove box, fuel door cable, and inside rear view mirror)
  • Exterior Inspection (check any and all fluids, side and back glass, wiper arms and blades, body damages, outside mirrors, all exterior lights, spare tire mounting and air pressure, wheel and cover condition)
  • Under-The-Vehicle Inspection (check any and all fluid leaks, transmission fluid, differential fluid level and condition, transfer case fluid level and condition, physical damage, upper and lower ball joints, shocks and struts, tie rod ends and other steering linkage, front and rear sway bar links and bushings, coil and leaf springs, suspension supports, frame and cross-members, CV boots, axle U-joints, driveshaft and U-joints, brake caliper/wheel cylinders, brake flex hoses and tubing, brake mounting hardware, front and rear brake percentages, brake rotors & drums, emergency brake cables and operation, exhaust system, tire pressure and tire wear)
  • Road Test (check engine performance, transmission performance, brake system operation, steering operation, emergency brake operation, transfer case, drive-train noises and vibrations, cruise control operation, instrument panel gauge operation and overall vehicle performance)
Exchange Program
We want to ensure your complete satisfaction with your newly purchased pre-owned vehicle. If something isn't right and we can't make it right, we will exchange it for a comparable vehicle.
This policy is only applicable within 72 hours or 500 Kilometers (whatever comes first) and measured from the date of delivery.
The Nor-Lan exchange program is only applicable on our "Gold Seal Approved Used Vehicles". The exchange vehicle must be equal or greater value (with a payment to cover the difference). This exchange program is based on list price from our used vehicle stock. Vehicles with "Special" or "Sale" pricing do not qualify.
The exchanged vehicle must first be inspected by Nor-Lan Chrysler and must be returned in the same apparent condition as it was on delivery. The vehicle exchange program cannot be assigned, transferred or sold.

Warranty Details:

All repairs are to be done at Nor-Lan Chrysler and are limited to our cost at our shop. Any expenses incurred due to break down are not covered.

Keep in mind our service warranty is applicable to any repairs done in or shop.

Nor-Lan Chrysler also offers a 3 day /500 km. Exchange Guarantee on all "Gold Seal Approved Used Vehicles". This exchange program is based on list price from our used vehicle stock. Vehicles with "Special" or "Sale" pricing do not qualify.

Note: "A Gold Seal Approved Used Vehicle" is a vehicle that has been inspected in our shop and qualifies for additional warranty through a service contract.